Kirkcaldy will always be our home say sisters

Val, Jean and Enid are delighted to be spending time together again. Pic: FPA
Val, Jean and Enid are delighted to be spending time together again. Pic: FPA

Three sisters have finally made it back home to Kirkcaldy - a town that they haven’t visited for over 10 years.

Enid Richards (62), Val Stewart (65) and Jean Wilson (60) got together, along with Jean’s husband Mike, in a small cafe in Aberdour before making the last leg of the journey to their hometown of Kirkcaldy.

The three sisters lived in the town until 1963 before moving to Basildon in Essex due to their mother’s work committments.

Now grown up and living in different parts of the UK - Val in Keswick, Cumbria, Enid in Braintree, Essex and Jean, in Sunderland - they still think of Kirkcaldy as their home.

Having been born in Kirkcaldy - apart from eldest sister Val who was born in Mexborough, Yorkshire - the women all have fond memories of growing up in the town.

“I remember travelling up to Fife on my father’s motorcycle tucked into the sidecar!” said Val.

“We lived in Dunnikier Road when we first moved to Kirkcaldy and before that, we stayed in Freuchie.”

This year, Jean decided that she wanted to walk from her home in Sunderland to Kirkcaldy.

She started off earlier this year covering the route in small stages, sometimes accompanied on her way with her good friend, Rachael Hearst.

She said: “The inspiration for my trip was the year of Homecoming in Scotland. So I thought why not come home to Kirkcaldy?

“What also came as an inspiration was a poem that I had read which was written by Simon Artmitage which really helped me make up my mind to go forward with the walk.”

Enid has been putting together a scrapbook of Jean’s journey along with some old pictures from their childhood.

She said: “It’s part birthday present for Jean but it’s also to have something to remember the event.

“While I was going through the photos of us as children and while we were growing up, I came across a newspaper clipping of us that had been taken at Edinburgh Zoo!”

The three sisters don’t get the chance to meet up as much as they would like, with the last time being at Val’s sons wedding last summer.

Enid and Val then decided to join Jean for the final stage of her journey from the Fife side of the Forth Bridge to Kirkcaldy.

With an overnight stay in Aberdour, the women then continued along the Fife Coastal Path and into Kirkcaldy and for which will always be thought of as home for the three sisters.

“The journey has been a lot of hard work but incredible at the same time,” Jean added. “And meeting up again with Val and Enid has really been fantastic.

“No matter where we live, Kirkcaldy will always be home to all of us.”