Labour top Fife’s Europe poll - but UKIP on a high

Several parties recorded increases in their European vote in Fife tonight - but the biggest rise went to UKIP.

It more than doubled its share of the poll which was announced at the Michael Woods Sports Centre late on Sunday night.

European elections 2014

European elections 2014

Nigel Farage’s party claimed 9515 votes which beat its own target of 10 per cent. In 2009 it polled 4529.

The Labour vote went up from 21,000 to 28,101 as it topped the poll outright, almost 3000 votes ahead of the SNP who saw its share rise from

21,000 to 25,660.

The Tory vote also went up from 10,000 to 12,460, allowing all three main parties to take positives from the evening.

The same couldn’t said for the Lib Dems whose vote fell from 10,600 in 2009 to 7956, leaving them some distance behind UKIP, and maintaining a miserable string of returns at all electiions staged in Fife since it went into Coalition government.

Cara Hilton MSP hailed the result as a good night for Labour.

She said: “Our vote has gone up and we have increased the gap on the SNP.”

Labour councillor Judy Hamilton said: “I am delighted with the results in Fife.

“Just have to wait on the results from all over the UK. Labour are taking a good message across Europe for working rights.”

SNP councillor John Beare said he was “relatively pleased” with the result.

He added: “The SNP vote is up which after six or seven years in Government is no small thing,” he said.

“It’s a credible result all round as it’s mainly a two horse race in Fife. I am surprised at the UKIP numbers though.

“It’s good that the electorate numbers has gone up. It’s could be better but we need to be realistic, I’d love to see it up at 99.99 per cent but that’s never going to happen.”

But arguably the big winners on the night were UKIP who picked up 9515 votes, to finish comfortably ahead of the Lib Dems by almost 2000 votes.

Peter Adams, spokesman, said: “We more than doubled our vote from 2009 - and that’s fantastic.

“Our target was 10 per cent of the vote and we grabbed around 11 per cent which is excellent.

“We took votes from all parties and also from people who hadn’t voted before.

“A lot of thanks have to go to George Cormack and Danny Arnott the founders of the Fife branch for all the work they put into it.”

The Scottish Green Party polled 5975.

The far roight duo of Britan First and the BNP made little headway - Britain First edging out the BNP 892 to 640.

The anti-EU party, NO2EU finished last with just 407 votes.

Total votes cast were 91,606.

Thirty three votes were rejedcted because people voted for more than one candidate or party, and 65 were binned for uncertainty.