Largo casts cautious eye over TAYplan

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Largo Area Community Council has vowed to stay vigilant over the effects the new TAYplan will have in north east Fife.

Members organised a public meeting recently to hear a summary of the plan, which will replace the Fife Structure Plan, and although it doesn’t appear at present to trouble the Largo area too much, there was still caution expressed.

Speaking after the meeting, which was attended by residents as well as councillors and planning officials, Peter Aitken, Largo Area Community Council chairman, said: “Concerns from members of the public and community councillors included the effect major development in St Andrews would have on the roads in our area – with specific areas of concern like Drumeldrie – and the volume of housing planned which may not sell due to the current economic climate.

“Also the term ‘modest’ development needs to be defined and what it means for us.”

The TAYplan will cover north Fife, Dundee City, Angus and Perth and Kinross. It is a 20-year plan, reviewed every five years with annual monitoring, starting next year.

Focusing on the key land use and development issues it will present a vision of how the area should develop in the future with an emphasis on sustainable growth and using better design.

In north-east Fife, Anstruther is mentioned as a settlement for housing development but will be modest compared to that in St Andrews.

Mr Aitken said the community council’s planning convener was now preparing a draft document for submission after being advised to highlight specific issues as soon as possible, in order for them to take affect.

He added: “Councillor Andrew Arbuckle suggested that although the TAYplan has a strategic focus and would deal with large scale projects we should be vigilant that there is nothing that will affect our area in the future.

“If we show a consistent approach from the start and get involved as soon as possible, this could shape strategy.”

For further information on the TAYplan or to submit your own representations visit or call Pamela Ewen on 01382 307180.