Last orders for hopes of Oast House revival

The Oast House in Glenrothes
The Oast House in Glenrothes
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IT looks like it has been last orders at a Glenrothes pub.

The Oast House closed four years ago, but there were hopes that a new tenant would re-open it.

But its landlords have now decided that is unlikely to happen and are seeking to bring it back under their control.

The Caskieberran bar opened in the 1980s and it became a popular meeting place for people in the area and elsewhere in the town.

But the last tenants had problems and the shutters went up.

“Since then it has lain empty and although the tenants and their agents have tried to maintain the appearance of the building and its surroundings there have been complaints from local tenants about lack of maintenance,” said Peter Grant, the local councillor.

“The council could have moved sooner to cancel the lease, but we recognised that the pub trade is going through a difficult time and it was right to give them a chance to re-open what had, at times, been a very popular meeting place.

“This has been unsuccessful and the council started the process of terminating the lease.

“This will bring the building and its surrounds within full control of the council and will mean, for example, that regular grounds maintenance will be done under an existing council contract, so that the place is kept in a good state of repair while an alternative owner or tenant is sought.” He added that he was open-minded about the future of the facility: “I have no formal views about what the building should be used for, but I will be asking for assurances that it will only be sold or leased for purposes that are compatible with it being in a residential area.

“Any change from its current use would, of course, need planing permission.

“I’m grateful for the patience local residents have shown and I’m hopeful that we will soon see something happening with this site that will benefit the local community.”

Altany Craik, a Labour candidate for the ward in which the pub is located, said: “The Oast House has been closed a long time and any attempt to develop the building is a step forward.

“However a sympathetic approach to whatever development takes place is needed to ensure that local residents are happy with the use the building is put to.

“Boarded up buildings are a blight on the local area and development of them improves the local environment.

“I am glad that, finally, some action has at last been taken and I look forward to seeing the plans.”