1000 cars – all revved up and raring to go in Kirkcaldy

Hundreds of modified cars descended on Kircaldy last December

Hundreds of modified cars descended on Kircaldy last December


High octane engines are revving up in readiness for a repeat of Kirkcaldy’s 2Fife2Furious Paul Walker tribute event.

Organisers have confirmed the cruise, which saw a flash Facebook campaign draw thousands of cars to the prom in December, is set to be reprised on October 18.

And, according to organiser James Stephen of N/A Nonsense, over 1000 car owners from across Scotland and northern England have already pledged to attend on Facebook.

He said: “Last year over 2000 said they would attend but we got double that on the night because other people pick up on it through flyers and such like, so we are expecting double again.”

Last year’s event, originally billed as a Fast and Furious-type gathering, took on extra significance when the film’s star Paul Walker died in a car crash in California, just days earlier.

This year’s congregation, although less spontaneous, features even more entertainment packed into a five hour programme starting at 4 p.m.

Expect to see drifting demonstrations from champion driving teams in the Basin car park, a static display of modified and high end cars along the Promenade between Lidl’s and Morrison’s and an array of snack vans and trade stalls.

As a teaser there will be a static display of three show cars on Kirkcaldy High Street earlier in the afternoon.

Former MSP Christine May, who helped organise the event, said: “We are going to leaflet the doors of all the homes facing the Esplanade within the next three weeks and those will have all contact details for all the organisers.”

Mrs May stressed it was family friendly and appealed to true car enthusiasts.

“These are not boy racers driving little Corsas with big fat tyres,” she promised.

“We’ve put a lot of work into organising this and it will be spectacular.”

Bill Harvey, manager of Kirkcaldy 4All, praised the organisers, saying: “They’ve got their act together in a thoroughly professional manner and have liaised well with all the agencies, including the fire service, police and Fife Council. I’ve been delighted to be able to help them.”

“Events like this do lift the image of Kirkcaldy and peoples’ perceptions of the town - and maybe even lift and eybrow or two.

“It’s only on for a finite time of five hours or so - a short sharp and hopefully high octane event - so I would ask the community to please support it and if they do have genuine concerns we will try to address them, but just now we think we’ve covered all the points - we’ve certainly looked at all the points.”




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