A lasting legacy to Kinghorn’s war heroes

Ginny Reid, secretary of Kinghorn Historical Society with the newly published book

Ginny Reid, secretary of Kinghorn Historical Society with the newly published book


One of the highlights of this year’s Royal Burgh of Kinghorn Historical Society exhibition will be the launch of a new book telling the story of the 64 men from the town who gave their lives serving their country during the First World War.

‘Kinghorn Remembers 1914-1919’ details the lives of the men on the town’s main war memorial and that at the parish church, whose stories have been traced through visits to the Scotland’s People Centre in Edinburgh, online accounts, national archives and family accounts.

And it proved to be a real labour of love for Ginny Reid, the Society’s secretary, main researcher, compiler and author of the book which has just arrived fresh from the publishers in time for the exhibition.

‘Themes of Kinghorn’ will take place on Saturday (May 31) from 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. in Kinghorn Parish Church hall.

“I wanted to do this in time for the big anniversary, but when I took this project on two years ago, I didn’t expect it to be such a big one – it just grew arms and legs!” she explained.

“When I started looking into it there was lots of information about Kinghorn and the outbreak of war, with some really interesting stories I couldn’t leave out.

“It started off just being an account of the men whose names were on the war memorial, but grew and grew until it became a book!

“I just want it to be a lasting legacy for all the brave men of Kinghorn who lost their lives in the First World War.”

Ginny, a retired teacher, explained that when she was writing up the men’s stories she had developed a bit of an emotional attachment to them.

“One of the saddest was a man who joined up, went to France and fought in the trenches then, half way through the war he was sent to Gallipoli and fought up through that area. Just one month before the armistice he was struck down by influenza and died. That seems such a waste,” she said.

Copies of the book will be on sale during the exhibition for £3, a pound cheaper than the normal price.

Topics in the exhibition will include: industries, maps and development, leisure activities, famous Kinghorn folk, defence and much more.

The Society is hoping to start a digital archive and visitors are invited to bring along any maps, photographs, postcards or articles they would be willing for the Society to scan.




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