Adam Smith project in a Pickle over Secretary of State’s visit

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Secretary of State Eric Pickles MP was in Kirkcaldy this morning on a visit to the Adam Smith Global Foundation.

Mr Pickles was at the Kirkcaldy 4All office on the High Street for a meeting where Foundation CEO Marilyn Livingstone gave a short presentation on the Adam Smith Development project, which is undertaking a number of different projects.

Fife Council Area Services manager, Danny Cepok, also spoke, telling the Conservative MP that one of the Foundation’s aims is to achieve World heritage Site Status for the proposed Merchant’s Quarter.

The group took a short walk to Kirkcaldy’s Old Town Kirk - the site of Adam Smith’s baptism - where Mr Pickles praised the work of the Foundation, and Adam Smith.

“The work of the Foundation is very impressive,” he said.

“Communities that do best are those that looking outwards and Kirkcaldy is in a great position to do that because it’s known all across the word as the birthplace of Adam Smith.

“His is a truly global name.”

“So Kirkcaldy has one of the UK’s really big claims as an area of enlightenment.”

From the Old Kirk Mr Pickles was led on a short walk down Kirk Brae to the site of the development project, near to where Smith lived on the High Street.

“The trail and the centre prospects are really exciting,” said Mr Pickles. “And as a social enterprise they are working very hard to make these improvements.”




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