Alex Rowley wins Cowdenbeath with 5400 majority

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Alex Rowley will swap Fife House for Holyrood after an emphatic victory in the Cowdenbeath by-election.

The 1.00 a.m. declaration confirmed Labour held the seat, and with a much bigger majority.

Mr Rowley took the late Helen Eadie’s majority from 1300 to 5488 as he polled 11,192 votes - well ahead of Natalie McGarry (SNP) who finished second on 5704.

David Dempsey was a comfortable third for the Tories on 1893, while UKIP candidate Denise Baykal took fourth on 610 - pushing the Lid Dems’ Jade Holden into fifth on 425.

The swing to Labour was 11.25%

Minority candidates Stuart Graham (Victims Final Rights Party) got 187 votes, while James Trolland (Scottish Democratic Alliance) got 51.

Total votes cast were 20,062.




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