All we want for Christmas ... is paid

An inflatable Santa, similar to the one that was supposed to come to Kirkcaldy

An inflatable Santa, similar to the one that was supposed to come to Kirkcaldy

THE company commissioned to create the world’s biggest inflatable Santa as the centrepiece of Kirkcaldy’s festive celebrations is taking legal action.

London-based Ingenious Inflatables said it had a contract with Bob Carruthers – the man behind Kreative Destiny – to deliver the giant 36m Santa for a possible world record event in Kirkcaldy.

Despite Kirkcaldy4All forking out an £18,000 contribution towards the costs, Ingenious Inflatables claims it didn’t get paid and it has held on to the super-sized Santa.

Now, after weeks of chasing payment, bosses at the company have had enough – and have put the matter in the hands of their lawyers.

Richard Reed, director, said: “After numerous attempts to contact Mr Carruthers and his related businesses, we still have not received any communication or payment.

“We have now started legal proceedings to recover the outstanding monies.”

It’s the latest twist in a tale of what was meant to be a major PR coup for the town.


The 120-foot tall Santa – taller than the Falkirk Wheel – was due to be unveiled on November 24 in town.

The current record was set in 2005 in Portugal when a 30m tall Father Christmas was mounted in a car park in the small city of Batalha, near Lisbon.

But the giant Santa has been left lying in a container in a dock in China, where it was manufactured.


Kirkcaldy4All paid an £18,000 contribution towards the costs to Coda Books Ltd – as agreed with Mr Carruthers – while there were claims Kreative Destiny and TVFife Ltd – companies also linked to Mr Carruthers – had paid sums of £9927 and £10,000 towards the manufacturing costs.

A spokesman for the BID board said they were “consulting with advisors” before deciding their next move.

Attempts to contact Mr Carruthers for comment were unsuccessful.




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