By royal appointment ... the kids who will lead Civic Week

This year's Burntisland Summer King Finn Wallace and Queen Joana Barron who were chosen recently

This year's Burntisland Summer King Finn Wallace and Queen Joana Barron who were chosen recently

Summer may seem like quite a bit away still but preparations for traditional season events have started.

The new Burntisland Summer Queen and King 2014 and their party were selected recently.

They will be the figureheads for this year’s Civic Week which takes place in June.

The royal party was announced by Julie Anderson, head teacher of Burntisland Primary School, at a fundraising disco for the event, held last month in the Parish Church hall. It raised £850.

The 2014 party is: Joana Barron (Summer Queen), Finn Wallace (Summer King), Rhiannan Cartmel (first attendant), Sophie Paterson (second attendant), Finn Doherty and Gregor Bruce (queen’s trainbearers), Lewis Watson and Lucas Brown (king’s trainbearers), Francesca Sharp and Ana Doherty (flower girls) and Chloe Ryan (posy girl).

Jo Hadoke, civic week committee member, told The Press how the royal party are chosen.

She said: “The primary school children are invited to put themselves forward for the various positions in the royal party and the head teacher is invited to draw names from a hat.

“There is a fundraising disco held to announce the incoming party and the children are only told on the night - so it is a great surprise!”

She added: “They are all really happy and looking forward to the parade on June 21.”

As well as being the figureheads for Burntisland Civic Week and leading the parade, the summer king and queen will also have other duties.

These include attending Allan Court in Burntisland to visit the residents, starting the bowling competition and sailing club race during civic week.

Later on in the year, on November 5, they will announce the start of the annual fireworks display.

Their final duty is to hand over their crowns to the next summer king and queen the following summer.

>> This year’s Burntisland Civic Week will take place from June 20-29 and the 2014 theme is “All Things Brazil” to coincide with the FIFA World Cup being held in Brazil.




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