Dino-hunt is a Jurassic lark in Kirkcaldy!

Lyndsay and Isla Haig beside Isla's dinosuar painting in the art gallery

Lyndsay and Isla Haig beside Isla's dinosuar painting in the art gallery


Easter event pulls crowds into High Street

Kirkcaldy enjoyed a Jurassic lark for Easter as local folk enjoyed a dinosaur-themed day.

Kirkcaldy4All’s event K.Rex: Dinosaur Day BIT the ground running as hundreds turned out for the fun-packed funday on Saturday.

The weather even did its best to ensure there were lots of visitors and smiling faces for the unusually-themed Easter celebration.

The busiest activity was Galleria Los Dinos Giganticos, the dinosaur-themed art gallery on the High Street, which attracted lots of viewers keen to see the work of youngsters from schools around Kirkcaldy and further afield.

Jock Ferguson, project manager said: “We circulated the schools with the remit of painting dinosaurs in famous Scottish locations and the results were way beyond our expectations.

“I know successful professional painters who can’t paint as well as some of these children and the humour, charm and sheer joy of creation is abundant.”

The Ecology Centre in Kinghorn presented its event, Fife Fossils, where youngsters had the opportunity to hunt for and take part in fossil rubbings and other activities.

It was part of an ongoing programme at its base at Kinghorn Loch, and with two enthusiastic presenters from the centre guiding the activities, they were busy the whole day.

There was also a fossil dig with Professor Yuri Poork of the Universitdad of Kovonia who invited youngsters to uncover some surprises from the sand, as well as face painting and dinosaur artwork in the Mercat Shopping Centre with artists Natasha Skinner and James Annandale.

Mr Ferguson added: “I’m insistent that all our family events have educational themes, as I don’t want these days to be perceived as basic fun for nursery-age kids, so with the Ecology Centre, professional artists, actors and a slick, contemporary gallery full of paintings, drawings, sculpture and installations, I believe we have just delivered another event of quality in the High Street.”

Dinosaur Day was such a success that the gallery will open for one more time on Saturday, from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. and it will include free arts activities for kids.

Bill Harvey chairman of Kirkcaldy4All, said: “We were delighted with the event and the input from the local community, especially the schools.

“It drew good crowds to the Mercat and the High Street and the good weather helped enormously.”




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