Doors open in Fife to new apprentices

The Fife apprentices (from left): Shannen Scott, Nicola England, Rebekah Beaton, Mary Thomson and Liam Howard

The Fife apprentices (from left): Shannen Scott, Nicola England, Rebekah Beaton, Mary Thomson and Liam Howard


A group of young Fifers are making their mark as Scotland’s first Enterprise Apprentices.

Nicola England, Shannen Scott, Rebekah Beaton, Liam Howard and Mary Thomson have embarked on a scheme as the country’s first apprentices in enterprise and Fife Council has announced that a further 19 young people will get the chance to take part too.

Apprenticeships in Enterprise get the chance to develop new products or services or help to grow an existing Fife business.

Whilst doing that, they can build their enterprise skills and gain a recognised qualification.

Any employer can take on an enterprise apprentice and a range of different companies have already signed up to take part in the new project.

The project is being delivered by Fife Council, Career Studio (Scotland) Ltd, Fife secondary schools as well as various businesses.

Councillor Lesley Laird, depute Council leader, spokesman for economy and planning, said: “Fife Council is working to put Fife at the forefront of enterprise and employability and this project is an example of how we’re leading the way in Scotland.

“I’d like to thank Fife’s first apprentices in this area for really making the most of the opportunity and excelling in their work as well as the companies who have supported them.”

She continued: “Creating 19 additional apprenticeships in enterprise through our Culture of Enterprise programme will give talented young business leaders of the future a chance to develop and enhance their skills in a real business as well as gain recognised qualifications.

“Companies will also benefit from what an enterprise apprentice can bring to their business and I can’t wait to hear more about the work these talented new recruits will bring as part of this exciting first for Scotland.”

Apprentices are currently being recruited and candidates will then be invited for interview.

Visit www.apprenticheshipsinenterprise.com




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