Funds raised in aid of festive colour

Collection in town centre for Christmas tree lights by Leven Community Council, on behalf of Leven Environment Group.

Collection in town centre for Christmas tree lights by Leven Community Council, on behalf of Leven Environment Group.

FESTIVE fund-raising was to the fore over the weekend as volunteers took to the streets to boost the coffers of Leven’s Christmas tree lights fund.

Leven Community Council members, with family and friends, were witnessed down Leven High Street, collecting in fancy dress on behalf of the Leven Environment Group (LEG).

The community council’s new secretary, Glenn Allan, explained: “Having the Christmas tree, along with the lights, is always a yearly tradition and it’s especially good to see families going along to see them being switched on.

“Unfortunately, the old bulbs are too expensive to maintain and are either broken or can’t be replaced through their age.

“Also, through health and safety reasons, the new bulbs have to be LED and, although they will last longer, they are more expensive.”

The community council was happy to get involved after an approach from LEG, said Mr Allan, who appealed to any other willing contributors to pop in with donations to Motorfits in Commercial Road.

“It would be a real shame to drive or walk past in December and not see the Christmas tree with its lights on,” said Mr Allan.

He added: “Although it was bitterly cold, I have to thank the community of Leven in showing good spirit in giving up what change they had and, after most of the morning and afternoon, we raised over £250, which is brilliant – so thanks to all.”

Leven CC is aiming to increase its profile, having come close to folding earlier this year after around 35 years in existence.

“We looked at coming in and adding new faces – we have newly elected office bearers and a great bunch of members, existing and new,” said Mr Allan.

“We are also looking at revamping our website and also a new Facebook page, whereby residents of Leven can tell us exactly what they think should be looked at in improving Leven as a community, and give us new ideas to make this great wee town an even better place to be in.”

Mr Allan encouraged people to attend the monthly meetings Scoonie Bowling Club and added: “We are new, but we have enthusiasm, so please let us know your views and what you want to see happen and improved in Leven.”


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