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The whole group together after planting all the fruit trees in the Community Orchard

The whole group together after planting all the fruit trees in the Community Orchard

STAFF and volunteers from Greener Kirkcaldy have been busy planting trees to create a new community orchard in the town.

Following eight months of preparation, they came together on December 6 to plant 50 apple, plum, pear and quince trees at Ravenscraig Walled Garden.

Since April the Greener Kirkcaldy award-winning volunteer team has battled four foot high nettles, thistles, pot holes, buried walls and wasp nests, so the wet weather on the day did not deter them from carrying out the planting.


Andrew and Margaret Lear supplied the trees from their nursery in Highland Perthshire despite a nervous few days earlier in the week when the ground was too frozen to dig them up for transporting.

The morning began with a demonstration of how to properly plant a sapling to give it the best chance to grow into a productive, fruiting tree within four years.


Soon the very first tree in the orchard was planted – a Discovery Apple - followed by 33 others. The volunteers demonstrated yet again how much can be achieved with enthusiasm and care. All the tree types were chosen especially for the Fife climate, including local, heritage varieties.

The rest of the trees were planted by lunch time and an excellent morning’s work was rewarded with soup and baked potatoes cooked in the fire pit.

An area of grass is now peppered with twiggy saplings and the group can’t wait till the spring when this new orchard starts to bud for the very first time.




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