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Emma Ashworth of Elie Primary School

Emma Ashworth of Elie Primary School inspire>aspire

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School pupils from the East Neuk proved they are responsible global citizens in the making as they expressed their inspirational visions for a better world.

The north east Fife youngsters headed to Glasgow last week with around 220 other finalists for the inspire>aspire awards, a major Commonwealth Games-influenced educational project.

Morgan Morris of Waid Academy, with Mark Beaumont, right, and Lachlan McWilliam of Band4Hope

Morgan Morris of Waid Academy, with Mark Beaumont, right, and Lachlan McWilliam of Band4Hope

Morgan Morris from Waid Academy won second prize gold, the second highest award at the ceremony.

Over 36,000 pupils from nearly 300 schools – including Waid, plus Elie and St Monans Primaries – had orignally taken part in the venture.

They were asked to design a unique poster to promote a personal action plan, self-reflection and self-discovery – helping to transform their inspiration in to an aspiration.

Many focused on a diverse range of personalities from many walks of life.

Emma Shilton

Emma Shilton

Morgan chose singer Lady GaGa as his inspirational figure.

He said: “Lady GaGa inspires me to do a lot more than just my wanted career. She has contributed to many large charities all over the world.”

He added: “I have found out a lot about myself that I didn’t know because we had to write about ourselves, which is a very difficult thing.”

Also from Waid, Shaunlee Ogilvie fell just short of a prize for his highly commended piece of work, while Emma Shilton was a gold finalist.

Amy Christie

Amy Christie

Amy Christie from Elie Primary School won second prize in P6 while Emma Ashworth was awarded third prize P5.

Amy was inspired by Malala Yousafzai, the young girl shot and wounded by the Taliban for campaigning for educational rights.

“I look up to Malala because she is amazing and she stands up to what she believes in, and I want to too,.” she said.

Emma added: “I think this has taught me facts I didn’t know already.”

Shaunlee Ogilvie

Shaunlee Ogilvie

Presenting the gold, silver and bronze placed medals was BBC correspondent and adventurer Mark Beaumont.

During his keynote speech, he encouraged pupils to make the most of the Commonwealth Games celebrations that are coming to Scotland this summer.

“Now you’ve been a successful part of inspire>aspire and drawn your posters and are here to celebrate it, go out and find out what other people have written, the world they live in and what they are aspiring to be,” he said.

Other finalists from the East Neuk included Ruby Somerville, Isla Timmermans and Tom Pendry (Elie) and St Monans pupils Kerr Bowman and Steven Stewart.

inspire>aspire is a Supporting Legacy 2014 project with young people very much at its heart.

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