Kinghorn residents line up to sign parking petition

Kinghorn residents with their petition calling for double yellow lines along St James Place

Kinghorn residents with their petition calling for double yellow lines along St James Place


Around 200 residents in Kinghorn have signed a petition calling for double yellow lines to be continued along the length of a beachfront street.

They say inconsiderate parking in St James Place has caused major access problems for emergency vehicles, with an ambulance crew having to wheel a patient along the road on a stretcher because it couldn’t get in for a car in the middle of the street.

Fire engines have also experienced difficulties, as have members of the Kinghorn lifeboat crew whose station is at the end of the road.

The campaign is being backed by local councillor George Kay, while David Torrance, Kirkcaldy MSP and Gordon Brown MP have also written to Fife Council’s transportation officers about the traffic issue after hearing residents’ concerns.

Residents are calling for a Traffic Regulation Order which would lead to a consultation period before lines could be installed.

Mike Stewart, of St James Place, who organised the petition, said: “People come down to the beach and just park where they want, while some residents also park inconsiderately, which makes things worse.

“If there were double yellow lines it would mean enforcement action could be taken and, while it might not alleviate all the difficulties, it would act as a deterrent.”

Kenny, another resident, said: “If you get a vehicle coming down the hill it has to swing out to get round the corner because there are cars parked right up to the corner and if there’s something coming the other way it often doesn’t see it until the last minute.”

Carol Rhodes, organiser of the regular beach cleans, added: “It’s so busy down here, particularly in the summer, that I can’t let my grandchildren out to play.

“There are no pavements and we really need lines to stop people parking in the wrong places.”


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