Kirkland pupils take a step back in time

Kirkland High School show

Kirkland High School show

Kirkland High School scored a notable success last week with a three-night extraveganza capturing all that was “uber-cool” about a decade gone by.

‘Back to the ‘80s’ was set in a US high school and accmpanied a former pupil, now in his 30s, as he journeyed back through recollections of key events in his final year, such as staging a concert, the class presidential election, and going to the prom, amid efforts to romance a beautiful fellow student.

Fashion and music, of course, were a major element of the ‘Glee’-like plot, with renditions of ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’, ‘Centrefold’, ‘Footloose’, ‘Kids In America’ and ‘Get Outta My Dreams’, among others.

Alison Fleming, principal teacher of music, said the show had been a great success and a number of ex-pupils and parents had come back to help with the band, hair and make-up, and the technical side, giving it a real community flavour.




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