Seven-point programme promotes leadership at Kirkcaldy school

Fife Provost Jim Leishman with pupils from P6

Fife Provost Jim Leishman with pupils from P6


‘The Leader in Me’ was the title of a special day held at Fair Isle Primary in Kirkcaldy, promoting the benefits of a new programme to enable youngsters to make better life choices.

The groundbreaking initiative, where pupils and staff adopt seven “habits” to improve their lives, was introduced at the end of last year after Fair Isle’s head teacher, Mrs Rae Walker visited a school in Stevenage last summer where they had implemented the Leader In Me Programme.

Mrs Walker was so impressed by all that she experienced and the confidence that the children had, that she came back and spoke to the staff at Fair Isle, who agreed unamimously to take on this programme from August 2013.

And on Friday the school hosted a special Leadership Day which was led and presented by the pupils themselves to show what they had learned and how they have benefited from the programme.

The event was attended by around a dozen delegates from overseas, including Norway, who were keen to see the initiative in action.

Staff at Fair Isle were all trained in Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’, between August to October, after which the children were trained.

They completed the course in March this year and, as staff including Mrs Walker noticed, the change in the children “has been incredible.”

The seven points encourage the children to plan, work, take charge, work together and adopt a more confident and winning attitude to their daily studies and interactions with one another and their teachers.

Mrs Walker said: “They have grown in self-confidence and clearly know the habits very well and use the language. This programme is having a positive impact in school and at home.”

She told guests she was incredibly proud of the children, parents and staff who took part in the day, both during the presentation and the class visits.

“The guests who attended, which included 13 overseas visitors, were extremely impressed by how polite, well mannered and confident the children were,” she said.




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