Sheridan tells Kirkcaldy voting Yes is the first step in a long journey

Political campaigner Tommy Sheridan speaking at an pro-independence meeting at St Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy.

Political campaigner Tommy Sheridan speaking at an pro-independence meeting at St Bryce Kirk, Kirkcaldy.


Former MSP Tommy Sheridan returned to Kirkcaldy to give a speech in support of independence for Scotland last night (Thursday).

A large crowd turned up to St Bryce Kirk to see the socialist campaigner who had spoken at an anti-bedroom tax meeting in the Lang Toun in October.

The political firebrand, who is currently studying Law at Strathclyde University, had been invited to speak by local ‘Yes’ campaigner Marie Penman who said she had been “hugely impressed” with Sheridan’s speech at the bedroom tax meeting.

Sheridan outlined his vision of an independent Scotland over the course of 90 minutes, saying that as a nation Scotland could “reverse the trend of inequality”, adding that the “neo-liberal” Con/Dem alliance is “totally and utterly out of touch”.

In an independent Scotland the Labour party would be transformed and “once more stand for Labour values” he claimed, adding that a ‘No’ vote would lead to further austerity.

He said that the vote on September 18 gives Scotland a chance to do things differently, such as ensuring that big businesses pay corporation tax, free school meals for all, lower taxes and allowing people to retire earlier.

Sheridan also called for public ownership of oil, gas and electricity and said that politicians should be paid in line with the average wage.

Mr Sheridan finished his rousing speech saying that voting yes would be “the start of a journey, not the end”.

“We would be fools to throw away this chance,” he said.

Marie, who had introduced Sheridan at the beginning of his speech, said she thought that the evening had gone well. “I was really pleased with the turn out.

“I was great to see him speak with such passion and conviction. I would also like to point out that he did this for free, coming all the way through from Glasgow just to speak here.

“He’s very busy with his law degree at the moment so he deserves a lot of credit for taking the time to come through tonight.

“I wish all politicians could be like Tommy Sheridan.”




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