Six of the best at Kirkcaldy’s Links Market

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Our intrepid reporter Lori Cormack tested a variety of the rides at the annual street fair.


For the first ‘go’, it was a backward figure-of-eight, wooshing from corner to corner. All fairly standard, stomach churning stuff, but with the simple change of direction came the real thrill. This was faster than I had ever gone before, and I had visions of flying into cameraman Gordon at great speed. But always worth a go, and brilliant for kids too. Tip: Take a big person as a cushion!

The Wild Mouse

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Disney World in Florida, and they have a very similar ride to this.

A mini-roller coaster, you can get four to a car, so it’s a real family ride.

The first climb and drop are your standard roller-coaster events, but wait til you’re back up the top. Every sharp turn has you wondering if you’ll end up in the Forth, and the spinning will have you in a daze! They even take your picture so you can keep a copy of that special - or hilarious - moment. One of the bigger, better rides there.


What visit to the Links Market would be complete without a ride on the Carousel, or the Hobby-Horses if you call it that! After the fast-paced Twister, this was a lovely, leisurely ride that you could definitely take your Granny on. At the far end of the market, you’ll have no problems going on this one after stuffing your face with chips & cheese, candyfloss and donuts (which are delicious by the way!) Not to be missed.

Sky High

Chair-a-planes - easy I thought. As I stepped on, and they put not one, not two, but three varieties of safety belt over my lap, I felt pretty secure. It started and we had lift off. And then came the wind - not your typical daily breeze, but that blowy stuff right off the sea. I gripped the chains for dear life and thought “if these tiny chains snap, please let me fly into the Forth.” Of course, there was nothing to worry about, and I was back on land a few minutes later. But, chair-a-planes, easy? Maybe not!

Wild River Log Flume

‘You have to give it a go’ they told me. Okay, but that man over there looks pretty wet...

Riding a log flume alone was a new experience for me, and surprise, surprise, if you’re the only one in the log, every single drop of water hits you ... and only you. If you want a laugh, look at the video for the evidence of this one, as me moaning about my wet bum in this review doesn’t really do it justice. Warning - you will get wet! But if it’s the usual weather of wind and rain, who’ll really notice?!

Bomber Mark 2

One of the two biggest rides this year, Bomber Mark 2 is a long arm of terror - only for the ultimate thrill-seekers out there.

For me, the enjoyment might have been short-lived however, as three minutes in, we were suspended up the top for 20 minutes. Broken down. But hey, a lovely view of Kirkcaldy up there. Although we couldn’t tell what was going on, I’m told a wee man climbed right to the top to fix it within a matter of minutes, and with some toing and froing, we were down. They even lifted me from my chair - not very ladylike, but I was just glad to have my feet on the ground!




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