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Kirkcaldy Galleries -
 Scottish artist�Toby Paterson�-

Kirkcaldy Galleries - Scottish artist�Toby Paterson�- Photo ; WALTER NEILSON

One of Scotland’s best known and leading contemporary artist has opened an exhibition in Kirkcaldy – and used the town as an inspiration.

Glasgow’s Toby Paterson has his work on display in the Kirkcaldy Galleries as part of ‘Generation’, a series of countrywide exhibitions to celebrate 25 years of contemporary art in Scotland.

Toby’s show, which is being held in conjunction with Fife Contemporary Art and Craft, will feature new and existing works, including two new pieces created exclusively for the show, which were inspired by a walk along Kirkcaldy’s seafront.

“They’re kind of companion pieces,” he said. “I came to Kirkcaldy and spent a bit of time wandering around until I found places that I thought were really interesting, which may be locations that others think are dull or problematic!

“These pieces are about trying to catch a certain atmosphere as well as making reference to the form that makes up that space, which was down on the Esplanade at the space between the amazing castle-esque multi-storey car park and the former swimming pool building.

“I found it very interesting and the view out to sea really struck me.

“It’s a really unique and quite overlooked spot.”

Toby’s exhibition was put together with the help of four students from Fife College, who worked as curators on the project, creating a film which will be shown as part of the exhibition, as well as working on publicity material in an effort to appeal to a younger audience.

One of them, 18-year-old Sandy King, said: “Meeting an artist in his own studio was incredibly inspiring.

“To listen to Toby telling us what his thought process was for certain pieces of work helped me to understand it a lot more.

“Some of it could be thought of as being quite controversial, but I was able to look at it in a different way.”

Toby said he had enjoyed collaborating with the students. “It’s been nice because it’s not just been this hermetic experience when you’re in your own bubble, you make the show and that’s it.

“These guys were great. They came up with a really intelligent set of questions to form the basis of the film. It was really nice to meet them, they certainly made an impact. I was really happy to get involved.”

Toby’s exhibition is free entry and runs until Sunday, June 22. He will be giving a talk on June 21 at the Galleries at 2.00 p.m.




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