Travellers told to leave Kirkcaldy crematorium car park

Gypsy travellers camp in car park of Kirkcaldy crematorium

Gypsy travellers camp in car park of Kirkcaldy crematorium

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Fife Council moved quickly to evict an “anti-social” group of Gypsy travellers which set up camp in the car park of Kirkcaldy Crematorium yesterday (Wednesday).

Around nine vans pitched up early on Wednesday morning and took over the overspill car park opposite the entrance to the crematorium as residents left for work in the morning.

Gypsy travellers camp in car park of Kirkcaldy crematorium

Gypsy travellers camp in car park of Kirkcaldy crematorium

And their actions were immediately slammed by people living in the estate and Fife Council leader, Councillor David Ross, who represents the Kirkcaldy north area.

The council took immediate action to evict the travellers from the site as it confirmed that a number of services were planned to take place at the crematorium during the day. By 3.00 p.m. a court order had been served, forcing them to leave.

A statement issued by Fife Council on Wednesday said: “The group who have caused significant disruption to businesses, community groups and residents in Glenrothes and Kirkcaldy since April have just moved onto the Kirkcaldy Crematorium overspill car park, disrupting funeral arrangements for grieving families.”

Councillor Ross demanded urgent action to remove them.

He said: “This is exactly why we’ve been calling for the Scottish Government to enable councils to take effective action to stop this sort of antisocial behaviour from taking place at significant financial and emotional cost to the people of Fife.

“This behaviour is totally unacceptable to the Council and to most gypsy travellers. I have been assured from our advocate that we are seeking an eviction order today (Wednesday) to remove them.

“The Council unreservedly apologises to the bereaved families who have been affected by the action of those concerned. I will also be seeking urgent meetings with legal services and the Scottish Government to address this problem.”

A local resident said: “It’s a disgrace that they could even think about camping there. There’s a big sign there so they can’t not have known what they were doing.”

Another said: “The travellers have really cocked a snoot at the local community this time. I didn’t think they could stoop any lower than a public park, but this is ridiculous.”

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