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Saturday saw the cargo ship Falcon sail into town to make a delivery at Carr’s mill - one of many since the business has re-opened the harbour to commercial shipping.

But the departure back to the North Sea proved slightly tricky as the giant vessel negotiated the tight inner harbour.

The cargo ships only have a few feet either side as they squeeze into the outer harbour and then out to sea, and at 11m wide and 78m long, the Falcon was always going to have to move with care.

A few onlookers gathered as bouyancy aids were lowered to effectively bounce the 1300-tonne boat off the harbour walls and straighten it up to exit the harbour, while a support vessel co-ordinated the movements from behind.

It only took a few minutes, but it took a lot of concentration to guide the giant vessel back of the harbour and out to sea to begin its onward journey to Peterhead.




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