London calling as pupils meet sporting heroes

Torbain Primary School pupils and Jonnie Peacock at The Mall
Torbain Primary School pupils and Jonnie Peacock at The Mall

A group of Kirkcaldy school children enjoyed the experience of a lifetime when they joined world class athletes to race along The Mall in London.

Pupils from Torbain Primary School were among 40 children selected from Active Kids schools and clubs across the country who took part in the unique fun run as part of the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games which was watched by a crowd of thousands.

Ritchie Gilles (8), Freya Dingwall (6), Lewis McClean (12), Glen Haig (12) and Tyler Fleming (9) took part in a number of sports day style activities, including old favourite the egg and spoon race, target throws, hula hoop, ball skills and a space hopper race.

The children were chosen to take part in the event as their school are top collectors in the Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers for equipment scheme which donates sporting aparatus to a number of organisations across the country.

As part of the trip, the children along with their families were provided free transport to London and also received tickets to watch their Olympic and Paralympic heroes compete in the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games.

After completing the race, the children were then presented with their well-deserved medals at the finish line by Jonnie Peacock.

He said: “Seeing 40 children riding space hoppers down The Mall, in front of Buckingham Palace was a pretty surreal experience, but really added to the excitement of the day!

“I hope that through activities like these we can help to inspire not just the next generation of athletes, but everyone across the UK to lead healthier, more active lifestyles.”