Major drug dealer is hit with ten year jail sentence

Brown was sentenced to 10 years in jail
Brown was sentenced to 10 years in jail

PEOPLE in the Glenrothes area have been praised for their part in the downfall of a major drug dealer.

And a senior policeman has also thanked his own officers for their contribution in bringing John Brown to justice.

A year-long operation by the Fife force culminated in a 10-year jail sentence being handed down to 39 year-old Brown, at the High Court in Glasgow, for being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs.

Police claimed Brown was the head of an organised crime group responsible for flooding the central Fife area with large quantities of heroin.

He was caught, together with key members of his gang, following a major operation undertaken by the Glenrothes-based force’s drug squad.

The detective in charge of the operation issued a warning to drug dealers operating in Fife that their activities will be targeted and all those involved in such criminality can expect the police to come calling sooner rather than later.

Detective inspector David Wright said: “This is the culmination of an operation which targeted Brown and his associates throughout a prolonged period and led to the recovery of large quantities of heroin destined for the streets of Fife.

“The investigation lasted well over a year and involved many police officers and police staff from various departments throughout the force.

“Officers involved in policing local communities gathered intelligence on Brown and his associates, which was developed further by a number of specialist units and ultimately led to the arrest of all those involved.

“I would like to thank all the officers and police staff involved in the investigation and also the local community in Glenrothes for the information, which enabled us to target these criminals.

“This re-inforces our commitment to taking policing closer to the community and through continued community engagement, work together to make Fife a safer place”.