Morgan’s walking the Walk

Morgan Wishart (14) from Kennoway with mum Lynn and sister Holly.
Morgan Wishart (14) from Kennoway with mum Lynn and sister Holly.

A teenager from Windygates who is fighting kidney failure plans to support a seven-mile charity walk – just months after a kidney transplant.

Morgan Wishart (14) will take part in Kidney Research UK’s Glasgow Bridges Walk on September 21, the second time she has joined in with the event, after crossing the finish line first in last year’s walk - just three months after being diagnosed with end stage kidney failure.

But later this month, Morgan will be having a kidney transplant after her dad, Scott, offered to donate one of his. The family are hoping to take part in the Bridges Walk together and Morgan is keen to cross the finish line first again!

Mum Lynn said: “Morgan totally amazes me every single day. When she was diagnosed we began a life we never imagined, but Morgan doesn’t let her condition hold her back.

“We’re supporting the Glasgow Bridges Walk because we will never find a cure for this disease if we don’t fund research into it. But Kidney Research UK relies almost wholly on donations from the public, so we need to raise as much money as possible so their work can continue.”

Since being diagnosed, Morgan has had to go through kidney dialysis for nine hours every night, and because renal failure has caused renal bone disease which weakens bones, she has to take vitamin D and calcium supplements.

She has to limit fruit and veg’ intake as well because of the potassium, and has to avoid some of her favourite foods, like chocolate.

Morgan said: “Sometimes I just want to be able to eat and drink anything, and be able to stay at my friends’ houses but, most of the time, I don’t let it bother me.

“It was really good being the first over the finish line at last year’s walk. My two friends and I got right to the front at the start. People said ‘they’re never going to make it’ but we did!”

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