No age barrier to exercise

Rhona Gordon
Rhona Gordon

KIRKCALDY exercise teacher Rhona Gordon appeared at the World Wide Conference on Active Ageing in the SECC Glasgow this week with 35 of members of her east of Scotland classes.

Rhona (69) is a member of Extend exercise which sees her train exercise teachers to teach classes to those aged over 60. She was asked to go to the event to put on a display showing the kinds of exercises that Extend does with older people.

The conference was attended by 700 scientists from various countries, along with health professionals, who gather every four years to discuss the effects of activity on the ageing human body and brain.

During the week-long conference many exhibitors show their disciplines and Rhona’s group were one of three to perform on the stage in the Lomond Auditorium.

She said: “My group did some hip loosening, lower leg and ankle strengthening exercises along with vital balance checks - as balance deteriorates with age. We also did a few dance segments.

“We came after the main speaker Prof. Mauzy Regents from the University of Texas who lectured on physical activity and quality of life throughout the lifespan. It was interesting because a lot of scientific work coming out is showing that exercise and physical activity can slow down the ageing process and slow down dementia.”

She added: “At the finale my group burst onto the stage and we managed to bring the audience of 700 scientists to their feet to join in.

“The event was much more of a success than I expected and we were amazed at such an academic audience joining us in our finale.”