I wish it wasn’t Christmas every day from November

The calendar shows it is only just mid-November, and already the tinsel is being unpacked, and folk are getting into the festive spirit with a level of enthusiasm that is actually rather scary.

Pick it up!

Dog mess: Is it really just a tiny minority of bad owners?

Well, the clocks have gone back, and as ever it’s nearly pitch black out there pretty much the minute you leave work, ensuring that it’s fairly unlikely that you’ll see any daylight until possibly the weekend.

Work and pensions minister David Gauke.

Comment: Minister must halt Universal Credit roll-out to Fife

The Universal Credit roll-out to Fife must be put on hold.

Strictly ... as seen on telly

Why Strictly spoilers are balloon-bursting miseries

There is nothing sadder than a party-pooper – someone who goes out of their way to spoil other people’s fun.

Tom Petty died earlier this week. Picture: Wiki

Tom Petty; the quiet man who rocked with the best of them

It’s a sign that you’re getting old when you notice your heroes dying more regularly.

Huge waves tower over the lights on Kirkcaldy's promenade (Pic: Neil Doig)

Storm names? We need Storm Jakey-Boy

Brace yourself, Storm Brian is on its way.

Kathleen Leslie with party leader, Ruth Davidson

FFP Leader comment: Kathleen Leslie & why words matter

Words matter.


Cutting through the chopper mystery

If you’ve just been visiting Fife for the first time over the last week or so, you could be forgiven for getting an odd impression of the place.
One minute you're wiping their skint knees, the next they're ignoring your calls.

Column: When your returning offspring are the same but different

It’s funny how you always notice changes in other people’s children rather than your own.

A call to arms...

A call to arms...

I’ve forgotten what to do with my arms when I’m trying to go to sleep.

An artist's impression showing how Roseanna Cunningham and Fiona Hyslop got to their launch events.

The Aye, Ken column: Gull-huggers, bus buddies, sausage rolls

Funny things we’ve noticed this week.

The pet peeves that can turn a loving relationship into a war zone and make couples stop kissing and cuddling and start growling and grappling have been revealed.

Column: There’s much amiss with our domestic bliss

You can forget conflicts abroad. It’s all kicking off at home.

Research has found that less than two-fifths of British holidaymakers (39 per cent) regularly conduct maintenance on their car.

Column: Bonnet? Which bonnet? My sun bonnet?

Many millions of Britons will be pushing ahead with a Brexit of their very own this summer, albeit in a way that somewhat reverses the meaning of the now familiar term.

Back in the land of ‘cooncil telly’

Back in the land of ‘cooncil telly’

Say it loud, say it proud, I got cooncil telly.

World Bike Girl Ishbell Taromsari, who has experienced lots of kindness from strangers on her thousands of miles travelling solo around the world. (Picture: World Bike Girl)

Stranded in a foreign city, what’s a girl to do?

Dropped by a taxi from the airport in the back streets of a foreign city in the wee small hours only to find your accommodation is locked up and silent – oh, and you don’t speak the language and your phone’s running out of power.

Tents at music festival (Pic: Martin Abegglen)

In-tent on surviving a weekend under canvas

Mrs M returned from a weekend away with her friends bearing gifts and breaking the news that we were all heading down south for a music festival next month.

Ty Reekie with a passenger

Why we should make the most of our seafront

If you’re lucky enough to grow up in a seaside town, you probably take it for granted.

Leanne Ross. Scottish women's football (Pic: John Devlin)

Time to take a fresh look at women’s football

It is currently the worst time of the year.

Philosopher Peter Singer, who gave the 2017 Sir Malcolm Knox Lecture at the University of St Andrews.

Are we really a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns?

In the immediate aftermath of the Manchester attack last week there was an inevitable desire to ‘do something’.

Chelsea FC (Pic: Shinya Suzuki)

Why football’s soul died at 3.26 on Sunday

At 3.26 p.m. on Sunday, the very last remnants of football’s heart and soul were trampled into the turf.

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