20,000 Days on Earth

20,000 Days on Earth
20,000 Days on Earth
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Recommended by Paul McCabe

It’s not like Nick Cave to do what is expected and here he doesn’t disappoint in what is a completely unconventional take on the standard rock documentary.

Set over the course of one particularly busy day as he approaches his 55th birthday, we see the Australian singer songwriter work on new songs, cook with Bad Seed bandmate Warren Ellis, spend time with his children, drive around his adopted home town of Brighton with passengers Ray Winstone and Kylie Minogue and finish off with a gig.

Part fact, part fiction, there’s very little archive footage bar one montage of The Birthday Party with Cave supplying a wry voiceover, and of particular interest to Bad Seeds fans is his conversation with former band mate Blixa Bargeld in which the pair discuss the reasons behind Bargeld’s departure for the first time.

You don’t have to be a fan of Cave’s work to enjoy this film which manages to be arty without being pretentious as well as utterly unique. And the music is, of course, fantastic.