An Adventure in Space and Time

An Adventure in Space and Time
An Adventure in Space and Time
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Recommmended by Paul McCabe

Shown on television last year as part of the BBC’s 50th anniversary celebration of Doctor Who, this fictional account of the show’s beginnings was arguably the highlight.

It revolves around the relationship between the show’s female producer - unheard of then at the stuffy old BBC - the youthful Verity Lambert, and the first Doctor, the curmudgeonly William Hartnell.

Lambert struggles against prejudices, lack of money and creaky sets, whilst Hartnell feels that a children’s programme is beneath him. However in the wake of its success they eventually form a strong friendship.

There’s much to enjoy here, even if you’re not a fan, but for the Whovians there’s a whole host of sly references and cameos to spot.

The star though is undoubtedly David Bradley - Filch in the Harry Potter films - as Hartnell, who is simply superb. His portrayal of the actor’s physical decline which lead to him finally leave the show he had come to love, is heartbreaking to watch.