Bad Neighbours

Bad Neighbours
Bad Neighbours
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Recommended by Paul McCabe

In this riotous and energetic comedy Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play a married couple with a new-born baby whose domestic bliss is threatened when a college frat house move in next door.

At first the two sides get along fine, the 30-something couple still thinking themselves cool, hang out at the house and get up to no good along with the students, but when they call the police during a particularly noisy party, head of the frat house, played by an all-grown-up Zac Efron (previously of the true horror that was the High School Musical series), declares all out war.

Battle commences and both sides try to come up with the most ingenious way to out do each other.

If you’re looking for high brow satire then go elsewhere, but if you’re in the mood to switch your brain off for a bit and enjoy some gross-out adult humour, (with cameos from Lisa Kudrow and Christopher Mintz-Plasse too) then this is for you.