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The Keeper of Dreams
The Keeper of Dreams

The Keeper of Dreams by Ronald Reng - Recommended by Paul Cardwell

This gem of a biography has been going around football fans for a few years but I only discovered it recently after reading the author Ronald Reng’s more well known book ‘A Life Too Short’.

That told the story of tragic German goalkeeper Robert Enke who committed suicide at the height of his career and ‘The Keeper of Dreams’ again has a German goalie (Lars Leese) at the heart of its subject matter.

This time Reng, with the help of interviews with Leese and those around him, tells the remarkable story of a goalkeeper who lived out every non professional player’s dream of getting a break later in life and making his professional debut in the English Premiership at 28 years old.

Despite the fairytale, the harsh realities of football aren’t far away as Leese just as quickly tumbles back down into obscurity.

You don’t have to be a wannabee goalkeeper to enjoy ‘The Keeper of Dreams’ but unlike ‘A Life Too Short’, it is probably best enjoyed by football fans.