Delivering a resounding yes for unity

Rev Gilllian Paterson of Wellesley Parish Church in Methil
Rev Gilllian Paterson of Wellesley Parish Church in Methil
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One of my all time favourite television programmes is ‘ The Vicar of Dibley’.

No surprise there, you might be thinking!

Well, yes, I suppose I bear a passing resemblance to the Rev Geraldine Granger, but it is also because I love the humour of the diverse characters, especially those on the Parish Church Council who make me roar with laughter, particularly the lovely Jim Trott when he comes away with the immortal line – ‘no no no no no, yes!’

The reason I smile is because he reminds me of someone I knew in a church in the Borders, and every time I see the programme I think of the dear gentleman who bore no physical resemblance to Jim Trott but spoke just like him.

Resembling something or someone is what I have been thinking about as I write this article, because this week we have been thinking about the unity of the church as we mark the week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

In a service last Sunday evening in St Margaret’s Episcopal Church, all the various Christian denominations in the Levenmouth area joined together in worship and fellowship together.

It was a special occasion and it is good to get to know each other better, as we are united by our faith, and our love for Christ and His teaching.

Although it is right to have these services, I believe it is even more crucial that we work together as Christians in this community.

A fine example of that is the Levenmouth Foodbank, which has volunteers from all the churches supporting and assisting in its work.

But now we need to develop the community support aspect of this project, so that we can truly put into practice what we preach.

Jesus said: “When I was hungry you fed me, when I was thirsty you gave me a drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.”

His disciples asked him when they had done these things, only for Jesus to reply: “When you did this for others, you did it for me.”

This is a humbling statement from Jesus but one we can all put into practice each day.

If we all do our best to act as Jesus would, then we can make a difference, especially to those who feel a bit down or undervalued.

The Christian church family in Levenmouth is made up of people of all interests, abilities, but we are united by a genuine love for Jesus and His teaching.

We are definitely not perfect and we do get things wrong at times, but we are inspired by Jesus, a great teacher and encourager, who urges us on as we put our words into action, and for me, that’s what matters.

Instead of no, no , no no, no, it’s a yes for the unity of the church.