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Run Fat Boy Run

Run Fat Boy Run

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Run Fat Boy Run - Recommended by Lindsey Alexander

It’s not often a ‘British comedy’ makes me laugh (think Four Weddings etc...) but Run Fat Boy Run is film which makes me chortle time after time.

Dennis Doyle has nothing going for him. He’s a middle-aged London security guard who lives in a dodgy rented flat and has a few dodgy mates to boot. Five years after he jilted his pregnant girlfriend Libby (Thandie Newton) on their wedding day he hears that she is about to marry a rich American businessman, Whit, and create a happy family with her son Jack. The apparently perfect Whit is all set to do the Nike River Run marathon for charity and Dennis decides that if he can do it , he may stand a chance of winning Libby back. So, he embarks on a training programme with the help of best mate Gordon, his neighbour the pot-bellied Mr Ghoshdashtidar, and Mr G’s spatula. Dennis’ own paunch has to go as he begins pounding the city’s streets with hilarious results. Will he win Libby and Jack back, you’ll have to watch to find out!