Falling for Lorna

John Murray
John Murray
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John Murray on a smooth new album from local jazz vocalist

Newly launched this week with an Edinburgh showcase Falling Like Dew is the new album from local jazz vocalist Lorna Reid. Some time ago we heard a sample of her new works called ‘Doggone Good’ as performed at the Fife Jazz Festival in a Kirkcaldy hotel. It has been rearranged since then and I suggested to her that several versions could result but this smooth album cut is as cool as Sade and comes with a tasteful video in black and white in an empty nightclub with just a young couple in a sensual tango and lost in the romance. Writing all the songs here Lorna has several influences with some soul infused into ‘Sacrifice Me’ with Colin Steele on trumpet, ‘Too Busy’ with shades of Country with Euan Stevenson on piano and ‘Time’ has blues guitar from Graeme Stephen with underlying violin from Seonaid Aitken. Generally though with several nominations for jazz vocalist it is within that category her audiences form and she pops everywhere including an occasional residency at an upmarket restaurant in the capital’s St Andrew Square.
Normally a term in the whisky trade Experimental Batch No. 26 is also the result of a weeklong recording experiment from 2012 in Edinburgh. Hosted by John Yorkston along with Manchester’s Jon Thorne and Suhail Yusuf Khan from Calcutta the album is now available in selected shops and as a download. King Creosote opens the set with the charming ‘Future Wives’ and the multicultural experience continues with ‘Piya’ featuring Khan’s sarangi. Guest vocalist Rebecca Taylor adds contrasting vocals on two songs while Kenny Anderson on accordion and Lomond Campbell on banjo blends traditions on the lament ‘Future Divorces’. ‘Earth In Fewer Words’ has both Indian and Fife cultures within its powerful percussive rhythms.