Go Down Together: The True Untold Story of Bonnie & Clyde by Jeff Guinn

Go Down Together
Go Down Together
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Recommended by Phil Weir

Although second -rate on the swag front compared with their criminal contemporaries (Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, etc), Clyde Barrow and lover Bonnie Parker are still, 80 years after their deaths, probably the most famous of America’s early-30s ‘celebrity’ bank robbers. Clyde wasnt’ much more than a glorified car thief and their bank takings were meagre, but he and Bonnie blazed such a bloody, wide-ranging trail that they quickly caught the media’s attention, not least when some shocking (for the times) photos of Bonnie came to light, showing her in gun-toting, cigar-chewing gangster mode, posed at the fender of a getaway car. The public soon couldn’t get enough of the pair and, initially, they were held in awe by the great impoverished of the Great Depression, who tended to consider all authority the enemy. Guinn never puts a word wrong in this riveting but ultimately tragic yarn, which has a strong romance at its heart – a yarn, though, which is anything but romantic in almost every other aspect.