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John Murray
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The voice from Del Amitri is unmistakable and Justin Currie as a soloist makes a welcome return next week with ‘ Lower Reaches (Endless Shipwreck)’ with 10 new songs recorded in Austin, Texas. You can download ‘Little Stars’ already though for free from his website and like many from his pen has a melancholy meaningful air to it. Of course we remember his band selling out Adam Smith Theatre at their peak cramming in ‘Roll To Me’, ‘Nothing Ever Happens’ and ‘Always The Last To Know’ with underpinned Banjo to a sell-out crowd. Well three solo albums and six band albums later this latest set comes with a rare solo tour that brings Justin to Edinburgh Queens Hall on September 12. ‘On My Conscience’ is a good ol’ Country skit while ‘On A Roll’ is pure Americana and ‘Into A Pearl’ is the kind of ballad that stops traffic. Always aware of his craft he wrote 30 songs before deciding on these and with ‘Every Song’s The Same’ he describes his writing process but within a carefully produced 2 ½ minutes that only leads us into ‘Bend To My Will’ which takes off with tasteful guitar Southern style. With a tour that takes them around English racecourses we hear more from Scouting For Girls as they at last unleash their ‘Greatest Hits’ (Sony). Ten years unsigned then a flurry of hits and great live shows all started in August 2007 with the nation adopting ‘She’s So Lovely’ as an anthem. ‘Elvis Ain’t Dead’, ‘Heartbeat’ and ‘It’s Not All About You’ followed before ‘This Ain’t A Love Song’ topped the charts. Writer Roy Stride wrote all their songs and made his own ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ with Famous. The new CD has 15 tracks including two new songs, one of which, ‘Millionaire’ is the new single and slips neatly into the feel of the album.