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John Murray
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Debut albums definitely produce an artist’s best material as it seems they have been saving up songs for such a release. The years of demos and live shows should have honed them to a point of confidence and in terms of performance – perfection. How many debuts have we heard through the decades only to find a disappointing second album either through a ‘too busy’ schedule or worse, writer’s block? Refreshing then to hear a husband and wife team from Nashville getting a UK release this week Everything Burns (TMG). Originally meeting in high school, Pap and Chuck Shirock have had quite a journey so far as they originally were known for their independent clothing range called Irock. This led to a self made CD release in the US and with this an interest from Sony and RED Distribution resulting in this fully produced album and single. After touring the country last year they played 150 shows in schools to build up a following. The first single ‘Still Young’ has all the hallmarks of happy pop rock and great vocals from the couple who know the business by now helped by Cold War Kids producer Jay Rushton. Outfit from Liverpool have been around just two years but just this week have their debut album Performance (Double Denim). Produced in house by themselves they do a credible job with New Wave retro on tracks like ‘I Want What’s Best’, while ‘Spraypaint’ could have been a Beach Boys session from Pet Sounds. Quirky samples pepper their sounds and that distinguishes them with tracks like title track, ‘Two Islands’ (where the psyche guitar threatens but is tempered) or ‘Phone Ghost’ like how Godley & Creme would produce 10cc. Unlike their album sleeve that looks like one of Fife’s old colliery shafts, their music certainly will be looked on with affection.