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However, this has all changed recently and, as you may know, almost all of us are now under one roof here in the Lang Toun. For me, this has meant a rather interesting return to something which, on a regular basis at least, I left behind over 25 years ago. Public transport. Having migrated from our Leven office to Kirkcaldy, I’ve been travelling back and forward regularly by bus – and I must say I can’t fault the service at all. Days leading up to the move were spent rather apprehensively poring over timetables, covering all angles of departure and arrival between Leven and Kirkcaldy, and vice-versa, building up a mental spreadsheet of times and bus numbers. But the reality is there are so many vehicles traversing between the towns that I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes. The buses have been quiet and the journeys fairly quick and quite relaxing. So no complaints so far. On the subject of price, however, I’m still too inexperienced to say whether it’s exorbitant or not. Suffice it to say that, earlier this week, feeling a bit lazy, I got a taxi to finish the last mile or so of the journey. It cost more than the bus did.

In with the bricks: Another group of servicemen I can’t fault thus far are the brickies who are repairing our patio wall. The stucture partially collapsed recently under the weight of gallons of retained rainwater, so we got some tradesmen in to put right the damage. If we’d let a horde of locusts loose on a field of crops, they’d have struggled to transform it as quickly as the squad with the breeze blocks, trowels and cement have changed the appearance of our garden – for the better, of course. And while all their equipment and materials are laid out on the lawn, it means I don’t have to cut the grass.