My Week - with Shannon Hickman

Shannon Hickman
Shannon Hickman

Work experience: MONDAY the 10th marked the start of my work placement with the Fife Free Press.

With the hope of a long lie, and it fading away to a wake up call at 7.30 a.m., I was excited to start! Instead of sitting at a desk with the professionals typing away, I had the pleasure of following the reporters out to meetings and to a Victoria Hospital visit where we jotted down our notes.

Now I have to prepare myself for the not so exciting return to school.

Fussy bride: LAST week I watched ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ on BBC3.

The one where the groom was so impressed with himself that he got a great venue for his bride... a field at the Wickerman festival.

To impress a woman who works at the Best Scottish Weddings magazine he would surely have known to try a little harder, but instead, he couldn’t understand how she almost never walked down the aisle.

Then, just as everything was going so well, he decided to launch his newly wed wife off a bungee jump, in a wedding dress!

Me and my family were almost sure, within the first 15 minutes of the wedding planning, the ‘princess’ bride would refuse to get married!!

Winter weather: IT seems like we are arriving into the winter weather a tad too early.

The forecast is already showing temperature drops within the next week, and as you could guess, nearly every day has rain showers involved.

We were supposed to have a hint of summer this month but wherever it’s hiding I can’t see it, or feel it for that matter!

This week ... I have been enjoying a book by Mark Haddon, ‘The Red House’ and constantly listening to The Script, ‘Hall of Fame’.