Personal by Lee Child

Personal by Lee Child
Personal by Lee Child
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Recommended by Tanya Scoon

The nineteenth novel featuring ex US military police hardman and drifter Jack Reacher, sees him searching for a sniper bringing terror to the international political community.

Recovering from his recent movie portrayal by the diminutive Tom Cruise, Reacher is brought in from the wilderness by his former boss who is calling in a favour and tasks him with tracking down a marksman who has taken a long range shot at the French president.

In a tale of diplomatic wrangling and double dealing Reacher tries to identify the likely culprit from an international list of suspects with the cooperation, or not, of his foreign counterparts and governments.

Reacher travels to Europe to track down the shooter accompanied by a rookie female partner and ruffles more than a few feathers of the local underworld to try to achieve his goal.

Whether you have enjoyed the Jack Reacher stories before or not, this intelligent, action-packed page turner will have you gripped from cover to cover.