Reflections: The Rev Elisabeth Cranfield

Rev. Cranfield
Rev. Cranfield

METHILHILL and Denbeath Church has just enjoyed welcoming four visitors from Trinidad, who were here because of our twinning with the Church of Scotland in Trinidad.

As well as participating in a Sunday celebration of our twinning, and seeing something of the wider work of the Church of Scotland, our friends visited local schools and the Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital, and found out more about our local community.

In many of the places they visited, they shared something about Trinidad and Tobago and sang vibrant songs, giving many people the opportunity to enjoy calypso music.

One of the many highlights of the visit was a ceilidh with West Indian, Indian and Scottish food, and also songs from both Scotland and Trinidad and Tobago.

Such visits remind us just how wonderful it is to make friends from different parts of the world and to spend time with them, sharing culture and ideas, discovering about their way of life and discussing common concerns, challenges and opportunities – for example, as they relate to church, community or family life.

Spending quality time with our loving family members and familiar friends is very important to most of us but we are also immensely enriched by spending time with people from beyond our immediate circles of love.

It is often through such encounters, and the warm friendships that often then develop, that we grow in our understanding of life and become more self-aware.

We are glad to have shared something of the richness of our twinning with some of you and encourage all of you to be open to the learning opportunities of cross-cultural friendships.

We believe God is blessing our twinning and helping us, as people from different cultures but who share the same faith in Jesus Christ, to learn from one another, offer each other inspiration, and mutual encouragement and love.