Return for the Ace of Spades

John Murray
John Murray
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John Murray finds Motorhead still rocking after 38 years

In terms of rock history the name lives on after 38 years and with a sound of their own outlasting trends. Motorhead are back with their 21st studio album called Aftershock (UDR) and when Lemmy sings ‘Woke up this morning’ on ‘Lost Woman Blues’ you can expect pain. Yet these 12-bar blues are just a respite for the relentless high speed train of power that follows the tour de force that is ‘Coup De Grace’. The speed continues throughout but a couple more stand out for the non believers. ‘Heartbreaker’ is valid enough to open any album and by the time you get to ‘Queen Of The Damned’ you will hear and feel the progression from ‘Ace Of Spades’. Available now as a fan edition strapped to a magazine the download, LP and in store CD copies come later as does the tour. Eddie Floyd has been around longer though and ‘Knock On Wood’ cemented his legendary status along with his Stax records, live shows and appearances in the Blues Brothers. Today he remains active at 76 and releases his album Down By The Sea (Doo Wop Soul) this week. Surrounding himself with the best session musicians and writing all 10 new songs his brand of rhythm and blues is undiminished on tracks like ‘Just A little Doo Wop’ or ‘You Bet Your Money’ with great harmonies. His band take command on two pieces called ‘Eddie’s Going’ showing this would be a great band to see live. Breezing through Kinross this week Police Dog Hogan played tracks from their second album From The Land Of Miracles (Major Tom). Worth investigating the fine blend of folk and rockabilly the tight arrangements from the seven musicians have impressed many already selling out central London shows in a crowded market.