Say Anything

Say Anything
Say Anything
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Recommended by Dawn Renton

Now, I’m not a lover of rom-coms but 80s classic Say Anything, is one of those films that I could watch on a continuous loop and never get sick of it.

John Cusack stars as our dashing hero, high school senior, Lloyd Dobler, who wants nothing more than to go out with the beautiful and intelligent Diane Court (Ione Skye).

He attempts to win her heart during the summer before college despite her over-protective father and the fact that she is leaving for a scholarship in England. He pulls out all the stops in what is the best scene of the whole movie. Picture this: A hunky young man stands under your bedroom window with a boom box playing Peter Gabriel’s ‘In Your Eyes’. Heaven. You’re going to come running! Every girl deserves a “John Cusack moment”! The 80s made some of the best films and this really doesn’t disappoint.

And did he get his girl? Or did she head off across the Atlantic and break his heart? Well, you’ll just have to watch it and find out!