Thought for the Week: Rev. Jim Reid

With titles such as ‘On your Marks’, ‘Champions Challenge’ or ‘Going for Gold’, church-run Holiday Clubs, this month and next, will be engaging with children, teenagers and families, using the Olympics and indeed the whole variety of sports this summer to stimulate Christian thinking and living in our communities.

In Kinghorn we’ve just finished a week of Holiday Club, ‘On your Marks’ which touched a wide range of young people in our community, energised too by the return of our teens and youth leaders from their trip to Malawi. The Malawi 2012 trip has been an energising and challenging experience for them all with lots of things to work out back home in Fife. Comments such as: “They have nothing yet are so happy, we have everything and yet are not nearly as happy and healthy as them”; “They are so friendly and engaging, openly sharing their lives, whereas we in this country are so reserved”; “They know their bibles and it makes a difference.”

I could go on sharing lots of comments and insights that our teens have gained, insights that will shape their lives and filter through the Church and community too.

In all of this, at home or away it’s the Love of God in Jesus Christ which compels us to share and care, to live, learn and make a difference where we are.