We all have gifts to share for better lives

Deaconess Jacqueline Thomson
Deaconess Jacqueline Thomson

Whenever I begin to prepare for submitting my article for this Reflections column, I become very aware of the gap between what is happening at present in my own home and what may be happening in your home.

Here at my home, it is quiet and, in comparison to a few weeks ago, when the house was decorated with tinsel and sparkling lights, the only visible reminder of that special time of Christmas are the tiny pieces of tinsel that seem to keep appearing in the corners of my living room – evidence that my house cleaning is not of the highest standard!

However, that tiny piece of tinsel has served a purpose today, as it has jogged my memory of the special times that were shared in this room.

And I give thanks now for the times past and for the new experiences I shall share here in this New Year.

Regularly at this time of year, many people choose to make resolutions which aim to make their lives, or other people’s lives, a little better.

In one of the small groups that meets in the Church at Buckhaven and Wemyss, a group which often finds new members at this time of year, are people who involve themselves knitting and crocheting prayer shawls, scarves and prayer squares.

To date, over 1000 of these gifts have been passed on to people in this country and abroad.

It is wonderful that a small group of people can make such a positive difference to the lives of others.

I believe that, out of all the positive changes that may occur in the year ahead, in the resolutions that are made, it will be this steady dedication that is seen in people giving freely of their own time and talents to serve others that will help to continue to build a beautiful world for us all to enjoy in 2014.

What is important to remember, however, is we all have gifts to share and what we see in ways to use these gifts, whether by looking inwards to ourselves or outwards to the world around us today, isn’t the end of our story.

As we move onwards to all that is yet unseen in 2014, let each one of us be encouraged by the thought that we can play a small part in this world to make a change for the good.

Let us embark on a journey with God who has brought us this far and will journey with us always.

The Psalmist states it well: ‘Praise the Lord, all nations! Praise him all peoples! His love for us is strong and his faithfulness is eternal.’ Psalm 117.

Have a very Happy New Year.