Pageantry’s crowning glory

Sea Queen
Sea Queen

Pride of place in any royal wardrobe has to be the crown and St Monans Sea Queen has a stunning new sparkler.

And while it may be new, the crown very much complements a proud tradition.

New Sea Queen crown

New Sea Queen crown

Over several winters during the early 1980s a very gifted resident of St Monans, Maureen Lishman, used designs by a fellow villager, Kenneth Smith to create the stunning set of cloaks/capes for the St Monans Sea Queen and her two attendants, as well as a tabard for the Page Boy.

Completing the theme was a banner with the village crest and a crown.

The people of St Monans value these precious, now vintage, items of costume more than ever now – though the collection is no longer complete with the original crown and banner somehow being lost over the years.

This year a new Sea Queen attendant mentioned that her mother had volunteered to make a new crown – and that is where the 2014 story starts!

And for months Nadia Wood’s mother, Yvonne Sutherland, has spent her spare time creating a really gorgeous, modern crown – yet an item that still complements Mrs Lishman’s original beautifully embroidered and appliquéd cloaks.

The crown has been designed and hand-crafted by Yvonne to share the nautical theme and colours of the long Sea Queen cape which is only worn once the new Sea Queen is crowned.

While travelling on the Reaper to her ‘coronation’ she wears a shorter cloak.

The SeaQueen committee has been really impressed with Yvonne’s workmanship.

Each element on the crown – whether it is a pearl, an ocean-coloured Swarovski crystal or silver fish – each has been attached by hand with silver wire with the whole creation reminiscent of an underwater scene of fish swimming among decorative seaweed.

The 2014 Sea Queen, Caitlan Duncan, was excited and proud to be the first to wear the new crown, and the attendants also received speciially-made hair decorations.

Committee chairman Peter Copland thanked Yvonne for her generous and unique gift.

He added, “We hope it will encourage our Sea Queens, now and in the future, to wear this unique crown with pride and to enjoy their big day.

“It should add to the memories of pageantry and fun for years to come.”