Plan to save Mort starts to crumble

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A COMMUNITY Council is working to save a historic building from falling into disrepair but is worried there wont be money available in time to make its vision a reality.

Kennoway Community Council hopes to transform the Mort House, also known as the Session House, in Kennoway Old Churchyard, into a community space.

The Mort House was constructed in 1835 as part of the original churchyard and it’s believed it may have been used as a place to keep bodies before burials.

Over the last two years the group has drawn up ambitious plans for the small but historic building but a lack of funding has meant the project is yet to get off the ground.

Chris Gough of the community council said: “The ultimate dream is to restore the building for community use. We had the idea of turning it into a meeting place or a display room, like a mini-museum for the area.”

Mr Gough said as Fife Council owns the Mort House, he believes it is responsible for basic maintenance such as restoring the masonry to make it weather-tight. But he added the group has been told there are no council funds through normal channels available to cover the cost.

He added: “Without this basic work the building won’t be fit for use. Our fear is if nothing is done the building will continue to deteriorate to a point where it’s beyond repair.”

Dave Paterson, area services manager for Fife Council, however said whilst the issue of funding was still uncertain the council is willing to work with the community council.

He added: “I’ll get in touch with the secretary of the group to start discussions on the best way to progress their very worthwhile plans for the community project.”

But for now the question of where funding for repairs and improvements will come from remains unclear.

In light of the ongoing uncertainty over funding for the project and the community council is now hoping to attract interest from local people and businesses to get involved in the plan.

They are appealing for anyone with a knowledge of construction, masonry or with other skills and resources to contact Chris Gough at