Please clear this midden

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RESIDENTS have expressed anger after a seaside spot where travellers had been staying was strewn with rubbish following December’s high winds.

They say the land, which is opposite Shore Street in Buckhaven and overlooks the Forth, has been left in a devastated state ever since the bad weather.

Councillor Andrew Rodger described the area as an absolute eyesore and said he had received numerous complaints about the issue from residents.

On Facebook, Kelly Muir, who lives close to the area, said the travelling community had been good neighbours and kept the place tidy.

She said the site only became a problem when the travellers left, after their caravans were damaged in the strong winds which battered Fife in the run-up to Christmas.

Other readers who got in touch expressed frustration the area had been allowed to remain in such a state for so long and several said the travellers should be tracked down to cover the cost of the clean-up.

Cheryl Thomson said: “It shouldn’t matter if it was travellers that left the mess or someone illegally dumping. It needs cleaned up and, as it’s over from houses that pay their taxes, then the council should clean it up!”

But Fife Council has said it does not own the land in question and the owner must come forward to cover the costs of the clearing it.

It has been suggested the land belongs to the Wemyss Estate, but while Savills, the property company which manages the estate’s land, confirmed the Wemyss did own some land near Shore Sreet, it could not confirm whether the caravans and debris are on Wemyss property or that of another owner. A representative from Savills said he would investigate who owned the land in question before recommending any action.

With neither Fife Council nor the Wemyss Estate claiming the land it remains unclear who will clear the area and when.

Cllr Andrew Rodger expressed frustration over the delay saying: “We need to send a message to the owner, clear it, or we will and send you the bill. If it isn’t cleared soon, I’m worried it will become a dumping ground.”