Remploy details sought for meeting


The head of the National Audit Office (NAO) has agreed to seek more information about the transfer of intellectual property rights between Remploy Marine in Fife and its biggest customer Ocean Safety.

In the face of continuing pressure from MPs Lindsay Roy and Gordon Brown, Comptroller and Auditor General Sir Amyas Morse has instructed his staff to obtain further details before Mr Roy meets him next month.

The decision follows a recent letter from the MP in which he called on the NAO to obtain answers to ‘’simple and straightforward’’ questions prior to the meeting.

Initially, Sir Amyas had ruled that while there was a lack of documentation on intellectual property rights, there was no evidence to suggest that this was a result of impropriety.

And he rejected Mr Roy’s request for a more detailed and robust probe, stating, ‘’I do not feel that there is sufficient evidence of wrongdoing to merit a more extensive investigation at this time.’’

But following protests from the two Fife MPs, he has now agreed to seek further information.

Mr Roy said: “In my recent letter, I stressed the need to find out what happened to the ‘agreement’ on shared intellectual property rights between Remploy Marine and Ocean Marine; how much money Remploy received for the purchase of these rights and what happened to its other assets; and who from Remploy negotiated the ‘preferential deal’ with the customer. I am delighted that Sir Amyas agrees that such information is needed before we meet.”